Something a little different!

It's about time Chobham had its own secret little place for making new memories and we are so happy to be the ones bringing it to the community. 
If its variety you're after, then you've come to the right spot! 
We're here for you, the community. So if you've got a killer idea but don't have the space to follow it through? 
Get in touch. We've got you!


Is it warm?

The barn is insulated and has a massive heater at the back, its toasty guys! But there's also blankets on every sofa if you want to snuggle up a bit! 

Where are you?

We're located just after Philpot Lane and before Fairoaks Airfield on Chertsey Road. 

Postcode is GU248HT


How much are tickets?

Tickets work out to be £10 per person, but with us, you rent a sofa instead of paying per person.  So you can make your tickets cheaper or more expensive depending on how many people you have on your sofa.


Are there toilets?



Is there food?

Yes! We have paninis, chocolate, nuts and a few other little snacks! 


Are there drinks?

Yes, hot, cold, alcoholic and non-alcoholic!

Cash or card?


Do you do private events?

The barn is rentable if you fancy putting a screening on for your friends or family. The costs for the rights of the movie is around £140 and then for the venue hire is £150 and an extra £7 per person over 15 people. If you fancy it drop me an email or give me a call on 07874842386.

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